Medicare Advantage Plans Are Changing Soon and You Need to Know About It

MACRA, or the Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act of 2015, lead to the Congress passing a new law, which affects the Medicare advantage plans. This law is taking place starting on the 1st of January, 2020. On this day and after this day, certain advantage plans will no longer be available. If you haven´t heard about it yet, you are still on time to find out everything you need to know about it!

The Medicare Part B Deductible is never going to be covered again

The decision that the congress has made, is to forbid private health insurance companies, to sell plans which will cover the Medicare Part B deductible. At the moment, this deductible is at 183$ a year. With the years to come, it is impossible to predict how much this deductible might increase, however slightly raises of the amount are to be expected. You are probably wondering that the Congress has with the part B deductible? The logic behind it is, that members of plans who cover all costs tend to use the most out of the medical care provided. In fact, they speak of an overuse, in which members visit physicians even when they don´t really need to! The belief is, that if members are required to pay some amount of money, they will think twice before going to the doctor and only go when it is really necessary.  What is hereby meant is that these members, who have everything covered for, will go to the doctor even for a cold or a small paper cut. These are the overuses the Congress wants to avoid.

These two advantage plans are affected

As the advantage plan F and the advantage plan C both cover for the Medicare part B deductible, they are both not going to be offered anymore, starting 2020. Those who are already enrolled to the plan, or enroll to the plan before of 2020, can continue using its benefits. This, however, has left many worrying about what will happen to these plans, when no new members are able to be enrolled. The prediction is, that as the existing members get only older and older and require more and more heatlh care services, the price for these plans will increase. This is believed to be the only way for the health insurance company to cover for all the costs. Others state, that the premium rate is not based on the age of its existing members at all and therefore a drastic change in price is not to be expected.

Many argue on the new passed law, because the advantage plan F was also the most expensive one. If one is already paying the most for health care, there shouldn´t be a reason why they shouldn´t be able to visit the doctor when they feel the need to. Despite all the counter arguments, the law has been passed and everyone will have to adjust to the changes.